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Tower Hamlets Homes (THH) SubGroup
February Meeting
7pm, Monday, 13th February
Main discussion on:
Caretaking and Estate Management

(Map to venue here – Disabled toilet, level inside, high doorbell)

Open to all residents but particularly of interest to residents on LBTH estates managed by THH.


Questions from THH sub-group

From discussions on Resident Engagement

The sub-group discussed Resident Engagement over three meetings. Many issues arose covering representation, transparency and accountability as well as the annual cost of the service. We feel that with the current discussions on the Council’s management agreement extension with THH, it is important to voice our concerns and obtain responses, through the Council, to our queries.


Many residents don’t know who their RE officer is. They are not clear what they do. TRAs should have the option of involving officers – if they feel the need to. There is no information in publications or online about Resident Engagement……a description of the services they provide, the personnel in the department, their rôles and responsibilities or contact details. Clarity is needed. Resident quote: ‘No-one is clear about what they do!’

1. In what ways could you improve the clarity and content to give residents better access to this information?

TRAs and Gardening Groups

Residents voiced many concerns about lack of uniformity and transparency in THH’s dealings with different estate TRAs. Resident quote: ‘Some TRAs are treated more favourably than others.’

2. Why don’t some estates have a TRA?

3 a. How does THH ensure TRAs operate according to their constitutions? And b. How does THH encourage residents to be involved with their TRAs?

4. Are all TRAs treated equally in the offer of small grants and special event awards? There is a lack of transparency about awards and grants to resident groups in THH.

5 a. Can the details of all awards available be published well ahead, so plenty of notice is given? b. Details of how to apply? AND c. Details available to show the recipients and the amounts they have received?

6. Can the website publish generic contact details of all TRAs – specifically telephone and email contact details? N.B. Contact details for TRA’s should NOT be a personal email, but one specifically for the TRA.


Concerns were raised about resident representation and consultation. It is felt that the current system of several Resident Panels, Service Delivery Groups and Focus Groups is not accessible or transparent. Resident quote: ‘These groups are unelected, unrepresentative and unaccountable.’

7. Can you publish and provide information on how to join these groups?

8. Who our representatives on these various groups currently are (name and estate etc) and the dates of meetings?

9. Do you publish minutes and reports of their work? If so, where?

10. Would THH consider alternative structures of consultation proposed by the Federation?


Residents are critical of the cost of Resident Engagement at more than £1m per year. There is no breakdown of how this money is spent.

11. We would like THH to make this information available to the subgroup and to residents.


It seems that in many areas of Resident Engagement, improved communication is needed. This includes the THH website.

12. The website needs be more user- friendly and include the explicit information we have requested.

13. A simplified and realistic Resident Engagement Agreement composed by residents and RE personnel is needed. Is that possible?

We appreciate the feedback you gave us regarding Repairs and Call Centre. We are interested in hearing THH’s responses to the above questions.