Newsletters 2016

Newsletter 91091_newsletter_w150Remember the 1st of October
Newsletter 8888_newsletter_w150Mayor John Biggs to answer questions at Fed AGM
Newsletter 89089_newsletter_w150If you care what happens to housing....
Newsletter 90091_newsletter_w150Oh no! There’s a great big development
Newsletter 85085_newsletter_w150Public Health cuts will cost lives
Newsletter 86086_newsletter_w150Our Homes - You Decide
Newsletter 87087_newsletter_w150Mayor John Biggs to explain
housing policy
Newsletter 82082_newsletter_w150Councils must do better
Newsletter 83083_newsletter_w150Unlucky for some
Newsletter 84084_newsletter_w150Getting the whole hall story
Newsletter 79079_newsletter_w150Land to solve the housing crisis
Newsletter 80080_newsletter_w150Are you ready to vote?
Newsletter 81081_newsletter_w150Minor changes to Housing Bill
Newsletter 76076_newsletter_w150Kill the Housing Bill!
Newsletter 77077_newsletter_w150One persons "affordable"
Newsletter 78078_newsletter_w150Fed affordability plan
Newsletter 73073_newsletter_w150Federation visits the Town Hall
Newsletter 74074_newsletter_w150Rough sleepers: numbers up
Newsletter 75075_newsletter_w150Traditional East End rebellion
Newsletter 70070_newsletter_w150Peabody: a lost
Newsletter 71071_newsletter_w150Campaign on the Housing & Planning Bill

Newsletter 72072_newsletter_w150We need affordable housing!