Tower Hamlets Housing Covenant




This covenant sets out a commitment by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, its ALMO Tower Hamlets Homes and Registered Providers with homes in the borough to work together to:

  • provide quality value for money housing services
  • share a commitment to Tower Hamlets residents
  • maximise the supply of affordable housing and housing options

Covenant signatories will:

  1. Listen to and respect residents’ views
  2. Respect diversity and provide inclusive services
  3. Operate transparently and openly; and work cooperatively with properly constituted and representative resident groups
  4. Respond to Members’ Enquiries and information requests within published timescales
  5. Ensure residents live in warm, safe, weathertight and decent homes
  6. Remedy resident repair requests in an appropriate and timely manner
  7. Actively participate in tackling Anti-Social Behaviour
  8. Be members of the Common Housing Register
  9. Evidence value for money in service provision
  10. Share key performance data to identify and share best practice
  11. Maximise opportunities for residents to take-up work, training and apprenticeships
  12. Identify opportunities for Right-to-Buy receipts generated in the Borough to be invested in new housing in Tower Hamlets

The Council will support signatories by:

  1. Providing a named officer as first point of contact
  2. Offering a meeting with senior officers to discuss issues of importance
  3. Supporting their investment in new housing in Tower Hamlets, so maximising the supply of affordable homes

Background/Supporting Information
Registered Providers (RPs) are regulated by the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) which is the government’s housing, land and regeneration agency.
The HCA sets out regulatory standards1 that all RPs must adhere to; and its remit is to:

  • protect social housing assets
  • ensure providers are financially viable and properly governed
  • maintain confidence of lenders to invest into the sector
  • encourage and support supply of social housing
  • ensure tenants are protected and have opportunities to be involved in the management of their housing
  • ensure value for money in service delivery

The Council supports the HCA’s remit as vital to the continued provision of affordable housing options for Tower Hamlets’ residents. It believes all residents deserve quality housing and housing services; and so monitors RPs against 12 key performance indicators which are important to residents.

The Council wants to work with its ALMO and RPs who make up the membership of Tower Hamlets Housing Forum to improve local services, identify opportunities to maximise value for money, and to secure the maximum supply of new affordable homes.



John Biggs
Mayor of Tower Hamlets


Sandra Fawcett
Chair of Tower Hamlets Housing Forum

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