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2 thoughts on “Next meeting

  • Jane hartley

    I live in Pauline House a tower block in Whitechapel and like everyone horrified at the tragedy in West Kensington.
    I think the Fed should demand an assurance that there will be an immediate review of Fire safety in all of Tower Hamlets Homes tower blocks.
    The issues emerging from this tragedy of the building fire alarm (and its testing), the exterior cladding and fire prevention systems should be looked at for each block.
    All the social housing organisations should immediately cost the retro fitting of sprinkler systems and demand that TH Council find the money.
    P jane hartley

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  • Katie John

    Dear Phil, Mark and everyone

    This is to let you know that I have typed up the notes I took during the discussion that took place after the AGM this evening. I can send them to you if that would help you.

    Best wishes