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What’s the benefit

Steve Hill, LBTH’s Benefits Manager, spoke to our November meeting. Here are few key points which came out of the meeting. (See the presentation here) Bedroom tax This has been unexpectedly harsh: residents can only avoid it by downsizing – and there is not enough smaller accommodation available for everyone. […]

Notes – Oct 2014 meeting of TH Federation of TRAs

Notes of speaker session at October 2014 meeting of TH Federation of TRAs John Arnold, an Environmental Health (EH) Officer (EHO) working for LBTH with the EH Housing Team, introduced himself. This was the first presentation he had given to a group of residents, though he had spoken to bodies […]

Presentation from Jonathan Arnold

Presentation from Jonathan Arnold (LBTH’s Environmental Health department). Go straight to the submitted Questions & Answers [metaslider id=1477] Download PDF Q & As here | See the presentation as PDF here | Further notes here  Advance questions from TH Tenants and Residents Federation for Jonathan Arnold, invited speaker for Monday, 27th […]