Eastend Homes Resident Meeting

After more than a year speaking to residents about their concerns engaging with EEH and how those problems could be addressed it is now time for action.

Please join us for our first meeting bringing EEH residents from different estates together. Here is a rundown of some of the issues for discussion:

Hear a summary of the key issues residents raised and the potential solutions proposed.

Prioritise & agree plan to help address those problems.

Put issues to Councils head of housing: Cllr Siraj Islam.

Set up Resident Council to oversee action plan and improve communication on and between estates.

Please join us at the meeting to help prioritise the issues to address and the action needed to do so:

Vital repairs : publish record of repairs & complaints

Leaseholder charges : publish invoices of works

Estate communication : produce resident leaflet

Poor consultations : residents involved in design

Community centres : rights of access for each estate

Stock transfer promises : Council review

Resident empowerment : training and development

Access to Main Board : communication with resident groups; allow residents to attend AGMs

Meeting Agenda

Review of EEHDemocracy resident project.

Summary of issues raised and solutions proposed.

Hear news from estates.

Agree & prioritise action required to address issues

Set up Resident Council and what it should do.

Put issues to TH Councils head of housing Cllr Islam.

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