Axe the act

Housing Association Tenants and Workers Meeting, London – January 30th 2017

Axe The Housing Act and Unite Housing Workers Branch have organised a meeting open to all housing association residents and workers to develop a network for greater campaigning strength.

As with public services, to defeat the Housing and Planning Act and the austerity agenda, workers and service users must come together united in a common cause.

The meeting will discuss how to:

  • Defeat the remaining parts of the Act
  • End ‘social cleansing’
  • End the cuts to repairs and maintenance services
  • Demand decent pay, conditions and training for housing workers

Meeting to be held on Monday January 30th, 6.30pm at:

Diskus Centre, Unite HQ, 128 Theobalds Road, London WC1X 8TN

Workers, residents and service users from across a range of housing associations will meet together and plan to fight together for better pay, terms and conditions, and services in social housing. Open to all who work for a housing association, their residents and service users.

Axe the act

Meeting to be held on Monday January 30th, 6.30pm

Welcome to the Federation

We invite all Tenants and Residents Associations in the borough to affiliate to the Federation.
Individual membership of the Federation is open to all residents of Tower Hamlets. Together, our affiliated and individual members form a non-party political, boroughwide organisation working for all Tower Hamlets residents but concentrating on representing tenants on social housing estates and working for better governance and services on those estates.